Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still Alive! Juvenile Red-Headed Woodpecker & Me!

I know it has been a while since my last post. The birding has been very slow around here lately. I guess the birds are moving. Food sources are more abundant now probably also.

I was looking through my pictures from several weeks back and I ran across these pictures of my favorite bird this year. He finally learned how to land in the tray feeder and get a few seeds.

I've not have the opportunity to get any pictures of the juvenile Red-Headed Woodpecker lately. I was worried that he was gone for good know that he is grown.

But, good news! He is still around and flying high up in the tree tops with the other adults!

Also, I topped 500 hits last week! Woo hoo! I appreciate everyone checking in on my little birding blog. Thanks!


Matt said...

you will have to show me the red head next time im over!

Southern Creations Photography by Linda Saxon Nix said...

I went searching to try to identify a bird that I thought might be a black-backed woodpecker, although that species isn't indigenous to South Mississippi. Upon looking in my bird books, the photos looked promising to be a Black-backed, but photos from the Internet showed the head more red, and on the ones I've been spotting, the head is slightly brownish black. Like a lightbulb coming on, I realized it is a very young juvenile Red-headed woodpecker. Even saw the parent at the feeder at about the same time. We have had a a pair of red heads in our back yard for several years. Not yet a speck of red on the juvenile, but mystery solved. It (the young one(s) only showed up a few days ago, but I'll bet we can see the head turn red as days go by. Thanks for the help on your blog.


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