Saturday, September 29, 2007

Colors of The Cardinal

Cardinals have had the run of my backyard lately. I've got several adults pairs and a bunch of juveniles feeding around the clock.

Cardinals are non-migratory birds and are very abundant in the south and eastern half of North America. In the south, they are noted to have two sets of young as the weather turns warmer earlier.

They are noted for their bright red color. The adult males have a very distinctive orange bill with a black mask. Females are not red except on their wings and tail.

I've noticed as the summer has turned to fall, the males color as faded ever so slightly. Notice the change in color from this picture that I got early on in the summer.

The juveniles are starting to acquire their color, in splotches. This is a juvenile male getting his 'red-ness'. The juveniles can be distinguished from the adults as they don't have the noticeable orange bill yet, being mostly black early on in age.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall has Fell, That Doesn't Sound Right!

I tried to come up with a snappy title about fall. The 'Spring has Sprung' phrase for spring starting sounds a lot better. Well anyway, fall is finally here.

The weather around here in Arkansas needs to catch up soon as we are having hotter than normal weather with the highs in the upper 80s. We should get some rain this week to cool things off.

My little Downy friend ventured into the birdbath for a little sip of water yesterday.

I got several pics of him in the bath. I included this picture because his red spot is noticeable on the back of his head.

I didn't realize until it was too late that he had his little wifey with him. He flew up to the tree after getting a drink. I watched him in the tree and then realized that she was in the tree also. She lacked the red spot that helps to distinguish between the two sexes.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Save The Squirrels!

I just had to post a picture of a few of the squirrels in my backyard since today is the opening day of squirrel season in Arkansas. One of my buddies went hunting today and got his limit early.

Maybe someone will check out my blog and see just how cute these little guys are and think twice getting two many of these guys.

They are hungry little jokers though and can do some damage to my bird feeders if I don't keep them full!

Friday, September 21, 2007

He's Back!

I've been watching closely to make sure my little friend is still around and doing fine. I was pretty sure I caught a glimpse of him last week but I finally got a pic of him today. He is doing all of the things that the other adults are doing. He is now working on a nest up in the top of an oak tree in my front yard.

It is very interesting to see the juvenile grow up over the last few months to essentially being grown so quickly. They just grow up so fast!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Always Be Prepared!

One thing I've learned in my short time of birding is 'Always be prepared'. You just never know when you are going to see a 'life bird' when you just don't expect it.

Now obviously, four Mallards waddling around in my yard don't fall under that category but I think everyone understands my meaning.

I've had several of those instances when I did have my camera with me and caught a few pics of new birds for me.

I got these pics of the Mallards the other day during afternoon when the remnants of Hurricane Humberto was blowing through. These Mallards are residents of my neighborhood, they are pets of one of the neighbors. They usually are flying around but were walking around feeding during the rain.

They appear to be two adult females and one adult male. The last one in the first pic above looks like a juvenile male just before his head turns the distinctive green color to me.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Still Alive! Juvenile Red-Headed Woodpecker & Me!

I know it has been a while since my last post. The birding has been very slow around here lately. I guess the birds are moving. Food sources are more abundant now probably also.

I was looking through my pictures from several weeks back and I ran across these pictures of my favorite bird this year. He finally learned how to land in the tray feeder and get a few seeds.

I've not have the opportunity to get any pictures of the juvenile Red-Headed Woodpecker lately. I was worried that he was gone for good know that he is grown.

But, good news! He is still around and flying high up in the tree tops with the other adults!

Also, I topped 500 hits last week! Woo hoo! I appreciate everyone checking in on my little birding blog. Thanks!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Save the Doves!

I caught this picture of two mating Mourning Doves a few weeks ago. There are always a few doves foraging about in the backyard under the feeders to pick up the loose seeds that the other birds drop.

I had forgotten about this picture until I remembered that today is opening day of Dove Season here in Arkansas. Hopefully, someone will read this blog and decide to spare a few of these beautiful birds!


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