Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rose Breasted Grosbeak Migrants

If there is one thing I've learned about watching birds, sometimes you get lucky and just happen to be in the right place at the right time. I've seen several birds for just a second and then they are gone. Sometimes, never to return.

This was the case (or so I thought) on Sunday when this one flew into the yard. I was able to get a quick shot off before it flew off. I quickly got out my trusty field guides to determine which one it was. At first glance, I thought that it was a female Purple Finch, but then realized it was way too big.

I was able to surmise that is was a female and a Rose Breasted Grosbeak. Wow, another addition to my life list. They seem to be coming quickly as the spring migration has a lot of birds moving!

I like to capture pictures of the female of the species and really enjoy attempting to identify them. They usually don't have the distinguishing marks that easily identify the males.

Another thing I like about seeing the female is that you know the male is not far behind! This was the case with the Rose Breasted Grosbeak. The male didn't show back up on Sunday, but made his debut on Monday! He is a very nice looking bird.

It took these guys a little while to find out which feeder to use and where to find food. I had to fill up my tray feeder with seeds as they had a little trouble negotiating the smaller tube and house feeders.

Good Birding and God Bless!


possumvalleygirl said...

I think it must the RB grosbeaks time because I have many birding buddies reporting them right now. I had as many as three males at my feeders last week and then the female showed up but haven't been able to get a pic of her yet. She's too skittish!

J. Karl Clampit said...

Girl, they seem to have started moving again. I didn't seen any today so I wonder if they have left. I hope not, they are beautiful birds!

Deb Peterson said...

There are two males on my tray feeder in Cotter this morning. Beautiful birds!


I had one a couple of days ago on the feeder. Also saw a rufous sided towhee here as well.

Shellmo said...

J. Karl - it must be fate. I just finished posting my grosbeak pictures and came over to visit your blog and was happy to see your photos as well! They are just wonderful!

J. Karl Clampit said...

Just checked out your pics of the Grosbeak. Very nice! You'd think we were alot closer than we are based on the birds we are seeing.

Aunt "B's" Backyard said...

They are such a beautiful bird to have visit your feeder. Seems like they are everywhere. What a pleasure they are to see!
Nice shots!

TSannie said...

My parents in Missouri get grosbeaks on a regular basis. I've never had one in my Connecticut yard. Darn!

I'm enjoying your blog!

J. Karl Clampit said...

"b", Thanks for the comments. They are very pretty birds, I still have a pair hanging around. Saw them early this morning.

tsannie, Heres hoping you see one this year! Thanks for visiting.

Larry said...

That's terrific! I wondered about the female RB Grosbeak as compared to a female Purple Finch the first time I saw one because of the white eye stripe. I get them in my yard but very rarely.

PrivatePigg said...


Moe said...

Great shots!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! really amazing work..keep going..

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