Friday, July 25, 2008

I'ts About Time!

I've been patiently waiting without trying to get my hopes up about the Red-Bellied Woodpeckers nest in the tree in my front yard. They have been in out and of that nest over the last few months with out any juveniles! They had some eggs back in the spring but they got pushed out of the nest by one of the many squirrels, I think.

Well, about two weeks ago, I started to hear some faint chirping up in the nest. It has steadily gotten louder and louder until now, the little juvenile is about to burst of the nest at any minute.

The father (below) and mother have spent many trips back and forth to the feeder. They appear to be attempting to coax the little one out of the nest now. They are not having any luck yet but I hope to see it on the feeder sometime soon!

Good birding and God bless!


Shellmo said...

Nice shot!

Birdfreak said...

Very cool, I hope you get lots of looks at the little ones!

Larry said...

Nice photo! I haven't stopped by for a while but it looks like you've taken a break.-I have slow down quite abit as well.-

Birdfreak said...

I hope you see the moment he comes out. They are so fun to watch!

Good birding to you!

♥ JaYmE ♥ said...

I'm new to public blogging and just happened upon your site. I love this blog. It's great.

T and S said...

Here's wishing you good luck to photograph the juvenile at your feeder. I m sure your patience will surely bear rewards.

Anonymous said...

Hello People, I was on a holiday for a month just passing by read this interesting post its great to see that every thing here is getting more lively...thanks a lot for these keep them coming....

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