Tuesday, February 19, 2008

You Yellow-bellied Sapsucker!

I've had another recent addition to my back yard this past week. It is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker! Many believe this woodpecker to be fictious bird created only for the funny name.

They are one of only four North American Sapsuckers and are the most widespread. They are highly migratory and the only woopecker in the eastern U.S. to be completely migratory!

They are the eastern couterpart of the Red-napped Sapsucker. The other two species of North American Sapsuckers are the Red-breasted and Williamson's. The Yellow-bellied is the only sapsucker that resides in Eastern North America.

Sapsuckers drill evenly spaced holes in trees and frequent the "wells" to drink the sap and eat the insects it attracts.

I believe this male may be a first year adult as his red crown and throat aren't yet very colorful. The male and female are very similar except for the throat, which is white on the female.

God Bless and Good Birding!


Larry said...

Congratulations on your new backyard addition.-Seem like you live in woodpecker heaven!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about North American Sapsuckers.

ONEDIA said...

I absolutely love my woodpecker friends. They have left holes in all the trees in the front and are working their way through the woods around us. That is fine with me. I have a pair of pileated, hairy and downy along with regular visits from red bellied woodpeckers. I have seen an occasional flicker but it is the others that live here and visit. I am a novice birder and don't think I have seen a sapsucker, but hope to.Thanks for posting the photo of yours.

Bull Shoals Backyard

ONEDIA said...

today in the snow I got my first sapsucker

Anonymous said...

How very interesting and what a beautiful bird!


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