Friday, June 15, 2007

Birds of Brush Mountain

Shelley and I spent Saturday and Sunday up on Brush Mountain with her brother, Kevin, and his wife, Summer. I saw several birds that I had not seen in my backyard in Southeast Arkansas.

They have a pair of nesting Eastern Phoebes at their house. Phoebes like to nest on man-made structures, which this pair have. Their nest is on a perch on Kevin and Summer's house.

Easter Phoebes also have a very distinctive feature. They wag their tail constantly when perched.

I also saw a Chipping Sparrow foraging on the ground next to Kevin's chicken coup. This sparrow has a rufous crown and a dark eye-line which helps to identify it from other sparrows.

I also caught several pictures of the Chipping Sparros in trees around their house.

I saw two other birds I had not seen before. One was an America Goldfinch. The other was a Summer Tanager, which we spotted very late in the evening. I was not able to get a picture of either of these two. I will on the next trip!

I caught this picture of one of the chipmunks in the woods. He was very quick and is alot smaller than he appears in the picture.

I was very pleased to get this picture as I had never seen one before.

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