Thursday, June 28, 2007

Carolina Wren in the Morning

I recently got a bird bath for my backyard. My bro-in-law Kevin hooked me up with one that has a fountain on it. The birds love the tiered levels and the water trickling down. I saw my first Carolina Wren after it took a quick bath and was basking in the sun to dry.

I saw the wren again today feeding on the peanut butter suet block I have hanging in a tree in the backyard.
Carolina Wren's are identified by their bright rusty color and long bold white 'eyebrow'. Their bills are long and decurved. Both sexes have the same distinguishing visual markings.

This little bird is one of Kevin's favorites. He had a nesting pair have two broods last year in a basket on his front porch. Once a pair of Carolina Wrens bond, the pair will stay together for life!

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