Saturday, August 25, 2007

High Wire Act

I noticed the other day that my suet feeder had a unusual hole up at the top of the block. Most the birds that frequent the suet block are Carolina Wrens and occasionally, my little Downy Woodpecker friend.

These are very small birds and don't get much when they peck at it. So this large hole was definitely a mystery to me.

Well, I finally found the culprit. I have several Blue Jays in my back yard. They have seem to have developed a knack for hanging upside down to peck at the suet to knock it loose and get a little bit to eat.

They look particularly strange as they hang precariously upside down from the limb above the suet feeder.

1 comment:

Dana said...

Great pictures! Inventive jay...I have a grackle that perches precariously on a teeny little pine branch. He slowly edges out as it bends under his weight. Then he cautiously lets himself get dipped and he can reach the suet.


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