Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July 4th Birdwatching

I've recently setup a tray feeder with black oil sunflower seeds well away from my tube feeders to attempt to setup seperate zones for the larger and smaller birds. It is fun to watch the 'pecking' order of the birds in my back yard. The smaller House Finches, Titmice, and Carolina Chickadees always give way to the larger Blue Jays and Cardinals that frequent my backyard. The more aggresive 'bully' Blue Jays even know their place in the 'pecking' order. The Red-Headed Woodpecker is at the top of the order!

I've been trying my hand at catching the Red-Headed Woodpecker in flight to the tray feeder. They just love the sunflower seeds in the feeder. They swoop in from their perch in a nearby oak tree. The birds scatter when when it is on its way.

While watching the woodpecker fly back and forth up to the tree to eat the seeds, I notice another woodpecker. Much to my surprise, it was the juvenile Red-Head that I'd seen a few weeks ago in my backyard. The adult was taking seed up to the perch and feeding the juvenile. I was able to get several pictures before the juvenile flew off!

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