Thursday, July 5, 2007

Time on My Hands

I spent most of this past weekend at Kevin and Summer's trying my hardest to catch up with the Summer Tanager that perches near their house. I was able to see the Tanager well with the new Bushnell binoculars I recently purchased. However, capturing a good picture of the Summer Tanager proved to be harder than I imagined.

Tanagers are solitary birds and love to perch in the upper levels of trees. Its call is very similar to that of a Robin and can be easily heard throughout the woods. Its song helped me to find it but the 'upper level tree perching' kept me from obtaining a great shot. I attempted to creep, ever so slowly, closer and closer to the tree in which the Tanager was singing from but each time I got close enough, it flew. Check out Journey Through Grace's blog to see what a great picture of a Summer Tanager should look like!

This scenario played out several times over the weekend leading me to look elsewhere to take up my picture taking time on Brush Mountain.

The garden that was been setup by my in-laws is very nice. A wide variety of flowers and bushes dot their landscape.

They are working very hard in their backyard to beautify it like the rest of the surroundings.

Check back later in the summer for pictures of the newly landscaped backyard!


John L. Trapp said...

Congratulations, J. Karl. This is your lucky day. You've just been tagged to play the Eight Random Facts meme. Click here for details. Enjoy!

Kristy said...

great pictures, karl. i'm glad you pointed me toward your blog. i can add it to bloglines now. i love the big pink flower!!!!


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