Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Juvenile Red-Headed Woodpeckers!

I've been watching a Red-Headed Woodpecker and two juveniles in my backyard. The adult is attempting to train these two juveniles by flying to the tray feeder to feed. When they won't follow to the feeder, the adult take care of the juveniles by feeding them.

These juvenile woodpeckers are strikingly different than the adults. They have a grayish-brown head with whitish gray underparts. Their wings are marked with two distinct black lateral bars. These pictures of the juveniles were able to capture the differences in plummage between the adults and the juveniles.

The picture with the juvenile perched on the rooftop was taken while the two where playing. They were chasing each other around the backyard, flying around very quickly. This one is looking around for his sibling. Shortly after taking this shot, the other one flew over the edge to surprise this one. It is very fun to watch these two juveniles learn and play just like kids!


Anonymous said...

First time I've been to your blog. Welcome to the wonderful world of birding. Having a Loggerhead Shrike or Scissor Tailed Flycatcher here in PA would cause quite a stir. In fact both have showed up in the past year here and they had people come from miles around. A Red-headed Woodpecker in your yard is very nice too! Have fun!

K.T. and her family of crafters. said...

Nice to meet a new blogger.I love the beautiful photography!!!


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